Tomb Raider: Underworld

Tomb Raider: Underworld 1.1

Tomb Raider:Underworld represents an advancement in exploration-based gameplay
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Crystal Dynamics

Tomb Raider: Underworld is the last entry in the Tomb Raider saga. This game has been around for so long that it amazes me how much it has changed. Back in time, Lara was a group of polygons moving awkwardly around ugly-looking square levels. Now, Lara is a real woman, with real clothes that move and break. She interacts with the environment in many ways. She can crawl through dense foliage, and the plants will move when they touch Lara's body. She can swim and shoot under water. She can climb pretty much everything. When she gets tired or beat down by an enemy, or one of the many animals that want to eat her alive, she will look beat-down and dirty. Her legs start showing sweat and mud when she has been in a level for a long time. The game is all about the same: find a certain relic that has special powers, and prevent your enemies from getting it while you look for secret objects. Lara has a great variety of weapons that she can use, and the aiming and fighting systems have both been tremendously improved. Aside from the fact that the game now looks better than ever before, it also acts like a smartly-designed game, with few bugs and long levels.

José Fernández
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